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I just posted this in kindle forums but I thought it might interest my followers.

Most people  don’t blog content that will interest their potential Audience.

Without that content, no amount of blogging in the world will transmit to new sales!. And after all Sales are why you are blogging aren’t they?

So here is the secret:

Don’t blog about yourself, your writing and books and under no circumstances blog about your private life.  NO….Blog about your genre.

How is this going to help? I can hear you asking. Well it’s like this:

If you are a well known established writer then everybody wants to know all about you. But well known established writers don’t need to blog to get sales, they do it for fun.

If you are an unknown then nobody (outside of family and friends) cares a jot about you, what you do, or what you have written; so it’s extremely unlikely that they will read your blog, even if they find it filling their screen after a random click. Their next click is guaranteed to be “close tab”.

You have to change that and you do that by Targeting Your potential Audience. In your case the people who read in your genre. So you fill your blog with information related to that genre. Book reviews, film reviews, discussion, you tube videos, reading lists, top tens, top 100´s and so on, anything you can think of that relates to your specific genre.

Once you do that your blog will start to appear in searches related to your genre. This will lead to people deliberately visiting your blog and when they get there they will find content that interests them.

The only place you mention what you do is in the “About me”  section of your blog. Here you post links to your books and  have a decent bio.

Don’t forget that it is worth making a facebook page that mirrors your content. Each time you get a “facebook like” your posts appear in the feed of the person who clicked “like” and in the feed of all their friends and followers.. Also Tweet  links to the content and  if you can make You tube video’s about your genre and mirror them on your blog and social media.

How will this help your sales?

At first it wont. Its going to take some time to build an audience. Lets say at least six months  but its more likely to take over a year, perhaps  even two, it all depends on how often you blog  and genre interesting it is.

But once you have a few hundred followers you will start to see results. Your sales will increase, because now people trust your judgement. They come to your blog/facebook for info on your genre. While there they notice your “about me” page, and they think well this person knows what they are talking about…their books must be good, they follow your links and buy.

That’s how to get sales from blogging.

Anything else is a waste of your time.