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“Triple – Cross” is the cover for the first book in Richard Tongue’s “Spitfire Station” Series.

The setting is a seedy bar on a Space station.

Triple Cross cover art ©Keith Draws

Triple Cross cover art ©Keith Draws

Richard asked for a “film noir” type feel to the image.

The protagonist was to be seen drawing his gun while keeping hold of his drink, meanwhile, behind him, a glamorous singer/dancer is observed by the bar crowd.

In order to get the feel I went for deep contrast in the lighting, but everything looking a little subdued by a mass of cigarette smoke (just like in the old movies).

I also realized that on a space station (that is spun to achieve gravity) it would likely be a low gravity environment. So everything had to have that slow-motion feel.

The dancer would be taking advantage of her low weight and able to make extraordinary moves while singing.

The protagonist drawing his gun knocks over the table and chair and the drinks almost float into the air.

Through the space station window, If you look carefully you can see a nod to the “Battlecruiser Alamo” Series.

To keep up to date with Richard’s books you can follow his blog here: richardtongue.blogspot.co.uk/

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