Not only are we giving you some amazing Deals on art, but we have a great new service  to offer you:

Brand New Service:

10 Slots available only-

These are Photo Manipulated Covers made with shots and images created specifically for you. Our photography studio will take custom photography for your cover (Anything we can’t photograph we will create with CGI or photorealistic illustration), so you never risk having your cover images appear on another author’s book cover again.

How it works:

After talking with you we will produce a cover layout and follow up with any necessary revisions. Once the layout is approved, if required, you can choose a model or models** from here and we will take shots specifically for use on your cover and only your cover. These shots will never be used for any other book cover or purpose***

We will also create any necessary background imagery (either with photography, CGI, photo real illustration or a combination all these) and the same will apply.
** you may use no more than two models on your cover.
***The shots may be used for our promotion or portfolio but they will never be sold for use by another client.

Full details of all Offers here