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Guns of The Temple cover art ©Keith Draws

Guns of The Temple cover art ©Keith Draws

So when Bryan Choe and Erica Carson got in touch with me to produce the covers for their new series of science fantasy/dark fantasy books I was thrilled.

They’d seen my work around and were particularly taken by the illustration I’d done for Secret War.

They liked the feel and wanted something that had that kind of atmosphere.
Now that particular illustration also marked a turning point for me because after it was published one of my all-time heroes, Todd Lockwood gave it his stamp of approval.

Keith and Todd

Todd Lockwood. Me on the left looking dumbstruck.

Of course, I was also now faced with the challenge of matching that level of work not once more, but three more times. I needn’t have worried though because after reading the first book inspiration came at once and working with Bryan and Erica was a pleasure. After I completed the art they said this:

“Our advance reviewers have told me they’re blown away by the cover!”

So now I can breathe a sigh of relief…

Now, I’ve just got to do it twice more… Oh, the pressure !!!

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Guns of the Temple Cover art spread

Guns of the Temple Cover art spread