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Following the theme of the first book “Child’s Play“, Guerin asked me to show how the main character (and possibly the whole of Earth) is punished for their bad behavior by the Alien Race, who guide human advancement in the background- Mainly through the actions of Guerin’s Nemesis, Julie of the Bree.  I decided to take the viewpoint of a child being told off by their mother:

Punishment cover art © Keith Draws

Punishment cover art © Keith Draws

The book is on sale here and if you get there quick enough it’s free and it’s a great read.

Once again you can see many of my influences there. My buddy Jim Burns (alien tech and just pure astounding difference) , Chris Foss and Peter Elson (for the sheer massive scale and detail they can imbue in their work), Peter A. Jones ( for the dynamism and the colour), Todd Lockwood (whose painting technique and compositional sense astounding to me) and once again Frank Frazetta (who achieves sexy, and dynamic with sheer class).

Posters are available here: https://keithdraws.deviantart.com/art/Punishment-by-Guerin-Zand-706231250