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With these covers, I’m doing my best to push the envelope.

Action, intrigue and amazing vistas are all considerations so for this image, I imagined the Starcruiser Polaris bursting out of a nebular, guns blazing,  and I set about it. After a few false starts, this was the result.

POLARIS OMNIBUS cover art © Keith Draws

POLARIS OMNIBUS cover art © Keith Draws

I love the idea that space has so many things we don’t understand, so many things we can’t even imagine (though I’m trying). I’m utterly awestruck when I think about this stuff and even more so when I’m asked to illustrate some of these incredible ideas by fine authors like Richard.

I do my utmost to infect the viewer with these feelings too just as my favourite artists did to me. People like : (in no particular order )  and I have to thank them: Todd Lockwood, Jim Burns, Chris Foss, Chris Archilleos, Peter Elson, Roger Dean, Rodney Mathews, Frank Frazetta, Peter A Jones and many more, without whom I would be painting landscapes.

This cover wraps the set as one book and so is no doubt a bargain you should not miss.

Check out his Author page on Amazon: https://goo.gl/Q1TCCZ

And his personal Blog: http://richardtongue.blogspot.com/

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