“Advent of the Magic Eater” By Chamberlain Potts is set in a fascinating low tech world of magic and violence.

Advent of the Magic Eater cover art © Keith Draws

Advent of the Magic Eater cover art © Keith Draws

When I read this book I soon realized I was faced with depicting the two main characters from entirely different backgrounds, who found themselves at the very bottom of society in what seems like a hopeless situation, facing the loss of everything they ever knew. Not only this, but they also find themselves hunted by the powerful red mages. Somehow they connect and with their own special skills are able to help one another face the future and attempt to rise above their awful circumstances.

All of this is what I needed to convey with my cover. So I’ve created a piece that shows the three main protagonists, the threat and the connection, and I’ve added subtle hints about the kind of magic “the “magic eater” feeds on in the title,  as well as other hints about the characters and their circumstances, all with the intention of creating the question “what  happens  next?”

It was a great challenge.

The book is available on Amazon and can also be downloaded free here: https://claims.instafreebie.com/free/TuAj28Tc
The Authors Website is here: http://chamberlainpotts.com/

You can probably see that the main influences for this image were Frank Frazetta and Todd Lockwood.

Prints and Posters available here: https://goo.gl/7xe8rM