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Richard always presents me with a challenge and this time it’s no different.
3 covers for his new series featuring a ship that is inspired by the NASA warp ship. Of course, he gave me a bit more guidance. I love this stuff I really do. It’s what I dreamt of as a teen, making images that look like this.

Now I will repeat myself because it bears repeating: I do my utmost to infect the viewer with these feelings too just as my favorite artists did to me. People like : (in no particular order )  and I have to thank them: Todd Lockwood, Jim Burns, Chris Foss, Chris Archilleos, Peter Elson, Roger Dean, Rodney Mathews, Frank Frazetta, Peter A Jones and many more, without whom I would be painting landscapes.


Check out his Author page on Amazon: https://goo.gl/Q1TCCZ

And his personal Blog: http://richardtongue.blogspot.com/

Posters and prints here: https://goo.gl/cxbA2d