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Freelance on the Galactic Tunnel Network. A human, and alien Gryphon and a robot play cards. The Gryphon is winning.

E.M. Foner always presents me with a challenge and this time was no different.

He offers an amazing universe filled with human, alien and A.I. interaction in his books and manages to achieve a great balance between the serious and humorous. Working with him on this helped me achieve that same goal.

I’m also finding my inspiration coming from a wide variety of artists. Lately I’ve been looking a lot at the mythical beasts and aliens created by Peter Andrew Jones, Jim Burns, Todd Lockwood and Michael Raymond Whelan (all of whom I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the past few years ) and so when serendipity presented me with the opportunity to do something on that theme with these covers I was very happy to get stuck in.

Of course I’m also feeling the influences of Chris Foss, Chris Archilleos, Peter Elson, Roger Dean, Rodney Mathews and even the great Frank Frazetta, but hopefully I ended up with something that is essentially “me”

Check the book out here:
It’s well worth the read!

Posters: Here: https://www.deviantart.com/keithdraws/art/Freelance-on-the-Galactic-Tunnel-Network-847344956