The Oracle Sphere


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A Thaven Chronicle by Travis Pond

Travis and I wanted to create a cover that looked like a book that could come from the Story. And we also created a map which was a lot of fun.
The Oracle sphere 900 wide

The Oracle Sphere-Front and Back 900 high

Map l low res

The inspiration of Frank Frazetta and Todd Lockwood, as well as Alan Lee, Brian Froud and Peter A. Jones,  plays a big part. I think I’ve managed to put my own stamp on it though
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The Loyalty of Water


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When Stephani approached me to produce a cover for this book I knew it would be a Challenge.

The Loyalty Of Wate600 px

However, in the end, I feel I produced one of my best covers. The story’s conflicts characters and environments meant I had plenty to work with. The influences of Frank Frazetta and Todd Lockwood, as well as Alan Lee and Peter A. Jones,  are very prevalent in this painting, though I’m always trying to add my own twist.
If you want to check the book out, go here.

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I’ve been producing covers for this series by E.M. Foner for a few years now

and I finally got to depict the space station where all the action takes place. The book is available right here:

Here it is:

Union Station 123 bundle

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Premade Cover art Holiday Special


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Ready-made sci fi cover art.

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Leaving Space Station
saturn aproach 600px
Approaching Saturn
leaving orbit 600
leaving orbit
launch into nebula 600
Nebula explorers
fighter attack 600px
Fighter attack

Strong and Dangerous Women


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Bryan Choi and Erica Carson write these kinds of women incredibly well.

Women with complex backgrounds and motivations, who are determined to achieve their goals. Set in an utterly convincing world engaged in wars and power struggles, magical powers and weaponry salvaged from a bygone higher tech age, the tension and excitement of these books is incredible.

Prince of Maladies cover art ©Keith DrawsKnives of the Ring cover art ©Keith DrawsAshes of the Old King cover art ©Keith Draws

Once again you can probably see the influence of Frank Frazetta and Todd Lockwood, as well as Alan Lee and Peter A. Jones.

You can read about the Authors and see more of their work here:
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Advent of the Magic Eater


“Advent of the Magic Eater” By Chamberlain Potts is set in a fascinating low tech world of magic and violence.

Advent of the Magic Eater cover art © Keith Draws

Advent of the Magic Eater cover art © Keith Draws

When I read this book I soon realized I was faced with depicting the two main characters from entirely different backgrounds, who found themselves at the very bottom of society in what seems like a hopeless situation, facing the loss of everything they ever knew. Not only this, but they also find themselves hunted by the powerful red mages. Somehow they connect and with their own special skills are able to help one another face the future and attempt to rise above their awful circumstances.

All of this is what I needed to convey with my cover. So I’ve created a piece that shows the three main protagonists, the threat and the connection, and I’ve added subtle hints about the kind of magic “the “magic eater” feeds on in the title,  as well as other hints about the characters and their circumstances, all with the intention of creating the question “what  happens  next?”

It was a great challenge.

The book is available on Amazon and can also be downloaded free here:
The Authors Website is here:

You can probably see that the main influences for this image were Frank Frazetta and Todd Lockwood.

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Starcruiser Polaris Omnibus


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With these covers, I’m doing my best to push the envelope.

Action, intrigue and amazing vistas are all considerations so for this image, I imagined the Starcruiser Polaris bursting out of a nebular, guns blazing,  and I set about it. After a few false starts, this was the result.

POLARIS OMNIBUS cover art © Keith Draws

POLARIS OMNIBUS cover art © Keith Draws

I love the idea that space has so many things we don’t understand, so many things we can’t even imagine (though I’m trying). I’m utterly awestruck when I think about this stuff and even more so when I’m asked to illustrate some of these incredible ideas by fine authors like Richard.

I do my utmost to infect the viewer with these feelings too just as my favourite artists did to me. People like : (in no particular order )  and I have to thank them: Todd Lockwood, Jim Burns, Chris Foss, Chris Archilleos, Peter Elson, Roger Dean, Rodney Mathews, Frank Frazetta, Peter A Jones and many more, without whom I would be painting landscapes.

This cover wraps the set as one book and so is no doubt a bargain you should not miss.

Check out his Author page on Amazon:

And his personal Blog:

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Vampire Squid – My Interview


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I meant to post this when it came out, but I got very busy… I hope you enjoy it.Vampire Squid Interview with Keith Draws

From the Interview:

“A doodler from an extremely young age, encouraged by the freedom to do as he pleased at school, Keith Draws has been an artist at heart for his entire life. Inspired by the sci-fi, fantasy and superheroes that amazed him as a child, he has gone on to create art for bands, books and games.

With a new sci-fi novel series proudly displaying his artwork on the covers and a crowdfunded superhero anthology in the works, Keith is more in demand today than ever before. He has mastered the art of telling a whole story in just a single frame, using shape and colour and detail to create intriguing and captivating pieces that draw you into everything his named is attached to.

We spoke to Keith to find out how he developed his skills and where they will take him next.

Kirstie: How did you get into art?

Keith: Drawing and painting is something I always enjoyed but it became something more when I started school. At the time the school were running an experiment (it was in the ‘60’s). The whole infant block was open plan and the idea was that kids could enter and leave any lessons they wanted to at any time. So of course, I would wander off and draw pretty much all the time. It’s all I remember doing for those two years. More…”

OUTCAST, a Spaceman’s Story


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Solving the problems of the universe is nothing compared to keeping the family content.

After reading the hilarious yet thoughtful book, the cover became obvious to me.
The book is free right now  and  you can pick it up here:

Outcast cover art © Keith Draws

Outcast cover art © Keith Draws

There is a very heavy Frazetta influence, and of course overtones from Jim Burns, Peter A. Jones, Chris Foss, Chris Archilleos, Peter Elson, Roger Dean and of course The Great Todd Lockwood.