As a cover designer, how would you have approached this?

Cryo, A Changed World cover art © Keith Draws

Cryo, A Changed World cover art © Keith Draws

Geoff wanted to show an under ground and an overground world.

Its best to hint at what’s there without giving away too much.

Designing the amphibian underground dwellers was certainly challenging. The description Geoff supplied was :

– Amphibian-like with large eyes and a flattish nose.

– Shorter than humans, with longer arms in body proportion that have three fingers

– They adorn themselves with living plants/moss/fungi/lichen that’s embedded into their actual skin. So you might have a female with a silvery lichen growing up the side of her face, or swirling patterns of tiny flowers receding over her brow.

– No hair…they either have the adornments, or men wear flat cap-like hats. Females are taller than males and wear long headdresses to elongate their bodies.

I decided the title would sit well in the middle and then used golden ratios to help me with the unusual composition, using the landscape to create a sense of mystery and a desire to explore.

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