Magic Times


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This was something of a challenge

…and getting all the key element’s in place turned out to be a lot of fun.
Harvey Click always manages to overheat my brain cells in the best possible way!

I’m even thinking it might be cool to make a complete set of Tarot cards.. If only I had the time.
Magic Times e book coverThe Fool Tart Card

Magic Times spread

Dragons and Dwarfs-the puzzle.


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Here is the solution and below is a description of how I came to it:

A Gathering of DwarfsWhen I read Ben Hammott’s “Dead Dragon’s Gold Book 1, A Gathering of Dwarfs” I realized I was going to have to take a slightly different approach. The Book begins where the tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs left off. The Dwarfs have separated to find their way in the world but other forces are at work to bring them back together; to take on an epic quest.

In this Book we get a deep insight into their individual character and the powers at their disposal, as well as some hints of the powers that have begun to pull their strings; and this was what I decided to show by taking a similar approach to that of the great ‘Drew Struzan’ when he produces movie posters – such as those he created for Blade runner and  Star Wars.

I decided to paint a scene from each of the Dwarf’s stories and tie them all together using images representing the forces that manipulate them in the story (sorry this sounds vague but I don’t want to give spoilers). If you want to know more the book is right here.

For the composition I opted for sacred geometry. Each illustration was designed using Golden Ratio’s and the final composition was laid out using the same method, which though it looks complex actually simplified things for me since I had very specific areas where I could place the images and, because they were designed using sacred geometry, balance was much easier to achieve, and when positioning the images all I really had to consider was the color balance (The object being to draw the eye into the focus and then lead it on into the details,) since the positions and sizes were dictated by the grid.
Dwarfs - sacred geometry Here is the image with some of the geometry laid over it (I’ve simplified it somewhat to make it clearer, but hopefully you’ll get the idea).

I feel it turned out well and Ben is very happy so overall it was a good result.

I never really grew up.

Dog Fight

As a small boy I was fascinated by the Battle of Britain and spent a lot of time drawing “Dog Fights”.  Working with Richard Tongue has meant I get to revisit that theme; but in space! A dream come true because, like me, he loves the retro look.

Aces High

Traitor's Duty









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Summer Specials!

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Illustration by Keith Draws: All rights belong to Shades of Vengeance

Illustration by Keith Draws: All rights belong to Shades of Vengeance

DEMONS are you scared yet?


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Well I Was!!

… after getting commissioned to produce the covers for the Demon Frenzy series by Harvey Click. He gave descriptions of Demons that were incredibly challenging, but lets face it. I love doing stuff like this so what really scared me was would I be able to stop!
Here are the first two. More to come soon

Demon Frenzy

Demon Mania

Demon Frenzydemon mania landscape

RPG: “Era: The Consortium” and “Era: Lyres”


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I’m sorry I’ve been so quite on social media lately.

That’s because I’ve been incredibly busy with extra work. As well as producing cover art (much of which you can see in my updated gallery), I was asked if I could help Ed of Shades of Vengeance (an independent RPG company) who, for reasons beyond his control, found himself without a graphic designer to produce the Rule Books he has promised. So I stepped up to design and produce them for him. First off I made Era: the Consortium, A 300 page rule book for an incredible game featuring an incredible and engaging history which works just as well as an excellent stand alone scifi story. I wanted to do it justice and so we put some considerable thought into the final look (as you guys know I don’t do things with half measures) and so started from scratch. The funded kickstarter is here and  Details of the game are here. It’s all done now and here are a few spreads so you can get a feel for it. consortium-post I’m also going to be designing and producing the rule book for “Era: Lyres” and you can learn all about it and back it with the kickstarter right here  In the meantime here is the cover I finished recently. More to come soon.around the fire



I must try harder.

Originally posted on YOURS IN STORYTELLING...:

All right.

So you’ve sat down and typed up several awesome and truly inspiring blog entries. We are talking about the wisdom of the ages – soul stirring stuff that Plato himself wishes he had thunk up.

By God, you tell yourself – but I am freaking brilliant.

Cue the tumbleweeds.

Harken to them crickets squeaking on their finest fiddling legs?

You dropped a pebble down the well of infinity and it is still falling.

Your brilliance will go unnoticed if no one notices your blog.


So, let me give you a few hints, pilgrim.

1. Comment on other blogs and TRY to sound as if you actually have something interesting to stay. Do NOT stick your foot in your mouth. Nothing tastes worst than day-old toe jam mingled with your fillings.

2. Make guest blog appearances and reciprocate if possible. Each blog entry is like a stone thrown…

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